Newbie need help!

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Newbie need help!

Postby NewbieVee » Fri May 20, 2016 6:57 pm


i got a 10G tank and my built in pump na and filter. it was gift so i thought of trying out saltwater fishes with prolly some live corals (if possible). i have been reading some blogs and watching youtube videos but i do hope you can answer some questions before i go full blown into this hobby.

1. i actually started the cycle but not sure if i did the process correctly. followed one on youtube. i used tap water, put some chlorine conditioner and saltmix. using hydrometer it is now in the acceptable salinity last time i check. the water in the is on it's 4th day now. (tama ba ginawa ko?)

2. it got a built in filter. because it is small (actually a nano) should i still need a skimmer?

3. what do you recommend for me to use for water heater... i still dont have one. (do i still need one?)

4. can i buy in cartimar some test kits for nitrate ..ammonium etc? how much?

5. when can i start adding first 1 or 2 live corals? the 1 fish?


5. i saw in one youtube video that i can expedite the cycle by 7 days by putting ammonium mix (?) and nitr
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Re: Newbie need help!

Postby Sea Turtle » Sun May 22, 2016 8:58 am

Hi & welcome to the hobby. As for your questions...

1. Personally, i wouldn't use tap water due to its composition (chlorine, heavy metals etc). Re cycling, you have to seed your tank. meaning, you have to add something like seeding solutions (some pet stores have those), shrimp, mussels or anything that can decompose to initiate the nitrogen cycle; there are various articles around the web on this one.

2. There are those who run their nano systems skimmerless but most of them are already experienced hobbyists who are already well aware of the ins & outs of a salt water system. there are hang-on type skimmers that you can purchase for your tank.

3. Unless you're from baguio or planning to convert your tank into a sauna bath for your livestocks, there's no need for heater.

4. Yes you can and you should. Basic test kit sets are around P1k+.

5. After your water parameters become stable. Hence, the test kits. However, you will be needing a special type of lighting if you're planning to have corals.

5 (ulit?). Those are seeding solutions that i mentioned in #1.

please do read more articles re the hobby & good luck!
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Re: Newbie need help!

Postby Optimistprime » Tue May 24, 2016 2:58 pm

Add ko lang po ito sa suggestion ni sea turtle.

Be contented muna sa 1 or 2 small fish. Mas ok ng po kung wala muna fish kasi nano tank yan madali dumumi ang kasi konti ang water volume. When it comes to corals walang problema basta tapos na ang cycling.

Use ammonia and nitrite tester to make sure na tapos na ang cycling.

Important din GFO (granular feric oxide) for phosphate removal.

Also monitor the temperature. 29f maximum for corals. Pag mainit ang water you can add a cooling fan blowing on the water to cool it.

In the first 6 months, lalo kung may fish dapat every other week ang water change na 30%-40% of your water volume.

And lastly, reaserch reaserch reaserch. More on begginer articles than forums which will confuse you.
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Re: Newbie need help!

Postby SantaMonicaHelp » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:59 am

In addition or instead of using a skimmer, you can use an algae scrubber. It will probably help solve your water issue. Here's a link to an informative thread as well as a DIY that will help you: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6134

I hope I can be of assistance. :)

- C. Smith
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