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Re: FAQ section

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:53 am
by thurrmac
engrchun wrote:2 40watts actinic blue
2 150watts metal hallide

astig ahh... :wink:

Re: FAQ section

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:59 am
by obet_carlos
please open a new thread for this one..

just some info:
1. if you have any invertibrate, then it is not a FOWLR.. FOWLR means FISH ONLY with live rock. so an anemone is not a fish so it is not a FOWLR.. FOWLR tanks are different from reef.. in FOWLR tanks, you can go hyposalinity while in your tank, you can't.. the anemone will die.. in FOWLR tanks, you can add copper, but not in your tank.

2. a good rule to keep in mind: "Do not dose what you can't measure".. so dont dose, strontium and calcium if you dont have test kits.. hindi mo naman kailangan yun.. for what hard corals lang yun.. (not sure what strontium is for).. did you measure your nitrates and phosphates? baka naman mataas yun kaya hindi ok yung anemone and fish colors mo? last time i saw your tank, punong puno ng brown algae which means mataas yung nutrient content ng water mo..

3. anemone lang yung meron ka? no corals? sayang naman yung 2x150W MH mo.. what king of bulbs are you using? baka yung light spectrum nung bulb hindi compatible sa anemone mo? baka mataas yung UV?

just some things to ponder.. :)

Re: FAQ section

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:51 am
by lickweed
ang lakas nyang MH nyo sir

tapos anemone lang ang inverts

Re: FAQ section

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:07 pm
by seth
@engrchun obet summed it up nicely. Word to the wise, if something does not look good in your tank then the issue is always in the water. Check your parameters and the answers to your problems are probably there. :)

if you can post your parameters here and some more details on your system, we could help you diagnose the issues better.

Start with your average tank temperature, specific gravity and/or salinity, nutrient levels and important parameters like calcium, alkalinity an magnesium. Also post your husbandry methods and schedule of maintenance if you can.