Newby here... please help...

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Re: Newby here... please help...

Postby lucky96 » Wed May 10, 2017 2:23 pm

thurrmac wrote:
That brown like dusting is called diatoms it will disappear naturally, the white insects are pods they are beneficial Pest inspection Sydney simple because they are fish food... enjoy the hobby dude and welcome to reef philippines, btw stop adding more LS baka matalo ng nutrients ang skimmer mo and feed one time per day saka kana mag heavy feeding pag upgraded kana... good luck on your hobby...

Hello thurrmac,
Went out today to turn the compost piles and the new one is loaded with huge earthworms----that is a good thing. However, upon further turning, I found a nest of termites--------not a good thing. The pile does have wood shavings in it from the local horse stables, a bit of woody stalks from some of the plants I've removed from the garden and a few small oak tree twigs from the many bags of leaves I've added.

Later today I'll head back out and remove as many worms and place them in the other piles and set up my seafood boiling pot (80 qt.) to see if that get rid of them. I'm not happy with termites anywhere near my house.

If anyone has a better solution that will not kill off all the beneficial critters, kindly respond. I do have some pesticide for termite treatment, but really don't want to use that in my pile.
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