For Sale: 50G Full Setup (custom) RO skimmer/Reactor/LED

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For Sale: 50G Full Setup (custom) RO skimmer/Reactor/LED

Postby jobseclan » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:39 am

Selling my 50G Custom setup. complete and quality equipment. All aquariums and equipment acquired Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 (unless specified)

1pc - 50G (approx) Custom back-drilled glass(2 holes) tank with Acrylic Overflow box
1pc - 20G (approx) 3-partition Custom Sump
1pc - Metal Stand/Cabinet

1pc - Reef Octopus NWB110 (Collection Cup cover has damage, non-critical)
1pc- Marine Sources 3.0 Biopellet Reactor
1pc- Shark 3W*72 120CM sunrise/sunset sea coral Programmable LED with remote
1pc- Jebao KM-5000 return Pump (low wattage) (purchased Oct 2016) (replaced my DC-6000)
1pc - Jebao WP40 Programmable Wavemaker
2pcs - Locline Flare returns 1/2"

Extra!Extra!Extra! FREE! FREE! FREE!
1lot - Sunsun wavemakers (3-4 pcs)
1pc- Resun Protein Skimmer SK-300
1lot - API reef and saltwater test kit
1lot - Omega One feeds (2 types of pellets)
1lot - Biodigest Ampules and Reef Octopus All-in-one Biopellets
1lot - API additives( too many to list down)

Free Livestock
30K - Live Rock (cycled)
20K - Live Sand (cycled)
1pc - Blue tang (very healthy & active)
1pc - Brown Tang (very healthy & active)
1pc - Tomini Tang (very healthy & active)
1lot - Nassarius snails


Buyer shoulders all transit and handling fees.
setup is still up and running. viewing can be scheduled at my place in Marikina.
Reason for selling: Medically can not lift heavy loads - need to retire the setup in the near future

Php 17,000 Negotiable, please message me
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50G Custom DT
144 Watt LED programable full spectrum lighting module
2 Jebao WP25 wavemakers + twin Controller
1 Sunsun JVP-101A wave maker(timed for additional flow, 4 hours every other day)
20G 3-Partition Sump
Reef Octopus NWB 110INT Skimmer
Jebao DC 6000 return pump with Locline Flare returns
Marine Sources BPR 3.0 reactor with Biopellets
Seachem PhosBond
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Re: For Sale: 50G Full Setup (custom) RO skimmer/Reactor/LED

Postby Aladdin » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:24 pm

Are you willing to sell the Marine Sources 3.0 Biopellet Reactor?
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Re: For Sale: 50G Full Setup (custom) RO skimmer/Reactor/LED

Postby egayb » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:46 am

can you post the tank photos bro? thanks
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25 gals (more or less) sump with chaeto
RO Reactor with AIO BioPellets
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